Autore: Guido Festinese



Those who believe that the ‘female quotas’ of contemporary jazz in Italy are limited to the art of singing, an endless string of people imitating Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday have to change their minds: there are many women who are making progress in totally different fields, and others who are excelling: Carla Marciano, for example, who in Stream Of Consciousness (Alfa Music / Egea) performs as the leading lady contralto and sopranino saxophonist, a pleasure to be seen, a phenomenon as regards intonation. Accompanied by an excellent classic trio of musicians, Marciano unleashes a torrential geniality of the art of melodic phrasing (the ‘stream of consciousness’ from which the title takes its name) which closely recalls the John Coltrane leader of the classic quartet, but without being its exact imitation. Yet also the titanic black saxophonist referred to the stream of consciousness, pushing it further and further, as everyone knows, right up to the magmatic, impressive final rehearsals recorded “live” in Seattle, in Japan or in recent unpublished works. Marciano stops just before this limit, at the easiness of the tune system, accompanied by a trio of musicians who empathically assist and support her in every blow of her tongue: Alessandro La Corte on the piano, Aldo Vigorito on the double bass and Gaetano Fasano on the drums.