Autore: Furio Ciulini

Carla Marciano enriches the prestigious catalogue Black Saint with “A strange day”, a recording of great impact that well expresses the omnivorous expressive ardour of the young musician from Salerno. The tiny saxophonist shows a personal mature language, with a timbre fading the nasal sound of the soprano sax, moulding it with the warmth of the tenor and a melodic vision that should explain once for good how deep and metabolised Coltrane‚Äôs sensitiveness is rather than being a sterile repetition of patterns and scales. It pushes the melodic research to the extreme, while Carla plays in absolute freedom with its implicit but always clear and perceptible melody. Thanks to a convinced and well arranged on a precise expressive line quartet, the record mixes altogether hard bop, ballad, standards and both introspective and suspended moments, with a non compromise incipit seeming to give the work a timeless dignity and “performance”, following the path of a profound devotion to the modal creed.