Autore: Massimiliano Cerreto




You need courage. A great deal of courage. To create your own quartet, and to lead it with that steadfastness that only women know how to. To believe that only the reasons of art and those alone are of any importance. But Carla Marciano is just so. And it is for this exact reason that, on the current Italian jazz scene, where exceptional talents and less-talented musicians (only a minority, fortunately) both co-exist and survive, the extraordinary saxophonist from Salerno has succeeded in becoming popular. Thanks also to many intense years of study (she graduated in clarinet, but she taught herself to play the sax) and three records: “Trane’s Groove”, “A Strange Day” and the latest “Change of Mood”. Therefore, by listening to “Change of Mood”, means living a glorious moment in the history of our jazz in real time. It is the adjective “our” that really deserves to be underlined. Of course, one must not forget that Carla Marciano, Aldo Vigorito (double bass), Alessandro La Corte (piano) and Gaetano Fasano (drums) are some of the best representatives of the Salerno jazz school, the closes to the Afro-American tradition. But aware and unaware references made to the overseas artists (Thanks to the 2006 American tour and to her association with the prestigious Black Saint label, Carla Marciano‚Äôs talent is known and recognised also in the United States), and particularly to the great John Coltrane, represent only part of her music. What dominates is her authentic way of being, rich in pleasurable contradictions. She is fragile yet strong, shy yet outgoing, determined and always ready to question her own assumptions. Besides, it is Carla who coined the phrase that I have chosen as a title to begin the story about “Change of Mood”: “You are your own music”. And her music is also ours!…