Autore: Stefano Merighi

Recensione/Review “CHANGE OF MOOD”


The transfiguration of the work of a master is a courageous and sometimes a risky process. Carla Marciano is a specialist in the contralto saxophone and she continues to be fascinated by the striking beauty of the Coltranian sheets of sound yet upon each new artistic step she takes, she manages not to let herself be swallowed up by the shadow of such a giant. In fact, her music is constantly divided between avowed homage and entirely personal genius. Hypnotic Touch is impressive for both its technical magnificence and its expressive intuition: articulated constructions. Breathtaking volutes, the perfect control of an incandescent material. Being close to Coltrane creates a sense of community and this can be seen not only in saxophonist’s rehearsal, exceptional as she is. And if in Change of Mood there is an explicit citation to My Favourite Things, the use of the sopranino even recalls certain fragments by Antony Braxton, a soloist who is however very far from Carla Marciano’s intentions. The eight pieces are clearly balanced between enthralling moments, where the quartet lets itself go and it improvises just as Coltrane taught (the sax-drums duet in Unaware is brilliant), and other calm moments which investigate medium tempo or ballads. This is remarkably significant disc which foresees further developments.