Autore: Sergio Spada



Carla Marciano doesn’t betray the expectations provoked by her previous great works produce during the last few years and with this Change Of Mood she shows once again, as if it were necessary, that she is one of the most interesting musicians on the entire Italian and European jazz scene (and, naturally, I am not only speaking of female artists…), who is greatly appreciated also in the United States of America, where she has performer with her current formation and where attentive critics have highlighted her close relationship with the genius of John Coltrane without this representing a pure “nostalgic reproduction”. Carla Marciano’s quartet formation (alto and sopranino saxophones) is completed by Alessandro La Corte on the piano, Aldo Vigorito on the bass and Gaetano Fasano on the drums and it is amazing to hear how much energy the quartet is capable of unleashing via its music that probably in a live context must be even more astounding. The quartet, starting from its leader, are without doubt, following the paths left in the wake of Coltrane’s brilliant success, each artist playing his or her own role, and the talent that has already been seen in past works can be seen even more evidently here. The quartet formation is like a “train” that doesn’t miss a beat along its route, the instruments seem to pervade one another, Carla Marciano’s compositions are full of the purest bop and with just as much blues; her talent with both instruments is just as natural as it is incredible. Her solo pieces are impetuous and passionate at the same time (Hypnotic Touch), the notes of the sax contaminate La Corte’s piano that keeps pace excellently, weaving, in other, rarer moments (Change Of Mood) musical, melodic and lyrical storylines, the rhythm is kept up and sometimes it excels coming out to the forefront. This is truly a top-class group, musicians that continue to deserve prestigious comebacks, the umpteenth feather in the Black Saint’s cap.