Autore: Massimiliano Cerreto

A Strange Day



Each colour has its own meaning (or more than one); even if in Western culture this has been forgotten. Not by jazz musicians though. Just think of the expression “blue notes”, and of a record that represents one of the milestones of jazz as well as being a modal masterpiece: “A Kind Of Blue”. And so, Carla Marciano’s music is profoundly and intimately blue as it is authentically spiritual. “A Strange Day” distinguishes itself even more so by means of an enthralling energy, just as in John Coltrane’s style. A style that Carla Marciano has, by now, internalised by managing never to lose her own originality, which is as executive as it is compositional. And, as regards energy, the album begins, with the notes of “Dance of mind”, and it ends with an extremely particular arrangement of “Russian Lullaby” by Irvin Berlin. To embank this overflowing river of notes are many intermediary moments that lend themselves to being metaphors of as many internal states that each one of us lives within the space of an entire day. Of course, as the title itself recalls, we are not dealing with a normal day, and it doesn’t happen often that a record by an Italian artist is directly published by the Black Saint label either. But let’s go back to the songs…… Each story has a beginning and an end. If it is easy to understand the starting point from which Carla Marciano’s journey started, it is more difficult to understand which future stylistic directions she will take. It is certain that this fine, extraordinarily sensitive young woman is getting ready to become increasingly recognised as an internationally famous artist.